Tee Ball Batting Practice

This batting exercise is best done with two kids while the rest of the team is engaged in some other activity.

Have the kids hit into the backstop or fence. Put old SOCCER OR BASKETBALLS on the tee* and tell them to hit it! That's it! What kid can't hit a big ball like that? Have each kid hit a dozen balls, then switch them. Then have each kid hit the baseball off the tee a dozen times.

This drill reinforces bat accuracy, builds a stronger swing and makes it easier to correct mechanics without the kid freaking out about whether or not he'll be able to hit the ball off the tee at all. Hitting the soccer balls first shows the kid success so the apprehension he may feel about hitting (because he probably doesn't know how) is gone. Most kids will naturally go up and hit the big ball well from the beginning, but for kids who still have trouble, it's still a heck of a lot easier for them.

I used this bit of business at Little League age and I STILL use it with my 13-16 year old team. It's more of a conditioning thing as opposed to a confidence builder with the older kids but it still makes for a confident and strong hitting team.

*NOTE: It helps to have a plunger to stick into the tee to keep the soccer balls in place

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