Tee Ball Practice Game

Here's a good little game you can play with your tee ballers in practice. This is a good game to do right after a running game.

Divide your team into two groups. Have each group line up facing each other about ten feet apart. Make sure the kids are arms length away from each other in their own line. Start the first kid in each line with a baseball in his throwing hand. He then transfers the ball to his glove hand and puts the glove hand in position so the next kid in line can reach it with his throwing hand. He then transfers it to his glove hand and repeats the process and so on down the line and back to the coach. The first team who gets the ball back to the coach WITHOUT DROPPING IT wins the game.

LEFTY TIP: Try to split lefties equally on the teams and just have them stand backwards to the group so nobody is crossing arms during the game. Put the lefties nearest to you so they won't get distracted and turn around. If you get a lefty who gets sensitive about being left handed (yeah, they're out there), make a big deal about the popular lefty of the season and how being left handed is a great asset (yada yada yada) to pump the kid up.

This drill reinforces fundamental hand to glove coordination, concentration and teamwork in a competitive but fun way. It doesn't take long, so you can do it a half a dozen times. It's also a good segue into a throwing drill as the kids are already line up across from each other.

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